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Tools of the Trade

Owning a tree service requires a lot of different types of equipment, tools, supplies and materials. Not to mention the maintenance that all of those items require. Every company is set up differently and uses different compenents that all come to the same end result. Tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding and land clearing.

At Joe's Tree Service you can find us using 1, 2 or all of the following vehicles to complete a job; Ford F250, Dodge Ram 3500, Chevy Tahoe and a Jeep Wrangler fitted with a ZEAK 13000 lb. Winch (Check it out here:

Those vehicles will pull various trailers and equipment such as a 16foot gooseneck hauling our Waldon 5000 Loader. Or the 8 yard dump trailer for the smaller jobs. Joe is a climber but when we need to get aerial and it's not safe to climb, we use a 61' Haulotte Bil-Jax Towable Articulated Lift which is great for getting into tight spaces.

Nestled into those vehicles are the busiest little bees of the company... CHAINSAWS! These guys are the true heroes of any tree company, only behind the operators who are running them. At Joe's Tree Service we only trust 1 brand to keep up with the demands required to perform. STIHL.

Our lineup inlcudes; Stihl MS 880, Stihl MS 391, Stihl 066 Magnum, Stihl MS 500, Stihl MS 461, Stihl AV 038, Stihl MS 261, Stihl MS 250, Stihl 193T, Stihl MS 201TC, Stihl MS 271, Stihl HT105 Polesaw, Stihl HT131 Polesaw and Stihl BR800 X Magnum Backpack Blower. And let's not forget that Stihl merch!!


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